Sunday, August 22, 2010


There was a time when you'd walk in the room
and just the sight of you...
would make my heart beat so fast. I couldn't think
straight ..Man I thought this was Fate...Meant to last.
That somehow we were meant to be.
Now I feel like such a fool for all the things I refused to see...
Your Love was like the most beautiful field of flowers.
flowers that excrete nothing but poison and reap bitter pain
Sad but true my love for you was only in vain.
But...Today's a new Day. Isn't my friend?
Yeah..the fat lady's sung and this is truly the end.
I'm done with your bag of tricks..
your bullshit manipulation
reeling me in close on the line
only to shove me away one more time.
You'd stand me up just to push me down..
But you know what? I was never some stupid clown ..
I'm the Queen in your Deck of jokers..
why did I even bother with you?
For me only A King could ever do
And you're not even a Jack ..
so today is the day I'm taking it all back
Yeah today I set myself free from your cancer,
from the grips of your wretched disease.
I took my Sword and I cut you out from the heart of me.
no tears fall from my eyes.There is no sadness.
I feel nothing but happiness inside :)
Yes..perhaps there was a time I'd do anything for you.
Honestly,what haven't I done?
For you I even played the role of a fool..
It was always about what I could do for you.
But..Today's a new day. I got My double edged sword
and I'm startin' to cut..
It may have been true love from the very start.
But today I went ahead and cut it out of my heart
All this time...
I've been living in a Ten bedroom mansion..on top of the world
but today I've packed up my shit and I'm ready to move
standing here lookin' around, there's just nothing but empty rooms
and baby that's exactly what I got left for you..
Yeah..don't start pointin' your finger and callin' names because
the day
will come when you'll see you are the only one to blame for playin'
your games.
To think For a minute I thought you had changed.
Thought you grew up.
Remember how you said you love me?...But the truth is
you were always nothin'but a liar.
Now you'll burn by yourself...alone in your own fire.
Yes, Today's a New day and I am set free..because I went and cut you
out from the very heart of me.
Written by:) Reneelisa

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