Sunday, August 22, 2010


There was a time when you'd walk in the room
and just the sight of you...
would make my heart beat so fast. I couldn't think
straight ..Man I thought this was Fate...Meant to last.
That somehow we were meant to be.
Now I feel like such a fool for all the things I refused to see...
Your Love was like the most beautiful field of flowers.
flowers that excrete nothing but poison and reap bitter pain
Sad but true my love for you was only in vain.
But...Today's a new Day. Isn't my friend?
Yeah..the fat lady's sung and this is truly the end.
I'm done with your bag of tricks..
your bullshit manipulation
reeling me in close on the line
only to shove me away one more time.
You'd stand me up just to push me down..
But you know what? I was never some stupid clown ..
I'm the Queen in your Deck of jokers..
why did I even bother with you?
For me only A King could ever do
And you're not even a Jack ..
so today is the day I'm taking it all back
Yeah today I set myself free from your cancer,
from the grips of your wretched disease.
I took my Sword and I cut you out from the heart of me.
no tears fall from my eyes.There is no sadness.
I feel nothing but happiness inside :)
Yes..perhaps there was a time I'd do anything for you.
Honestly,what haven't I done?
For you I even played the role of a fool..
It was always about what I could do for you.
But..Today's a new day. I got My double edged sword
and I'm startin' to cut..
It may have been true love from the very start.
But today I went ahead and cut it out of my heart
All this time...
I've been living in a Ten bedroom mansion..on top of the world
but today I've packed up my shit and I'm ready to move
standing here lookin' around, there's just nothing but empty rooms
and baby that's exactly what I got left for you..
Yeah..don't start pointin' your finger and callin' names because
the day
will come when you'll see you are the only one to blame for playin'
your games.
To think For a minute I thought you had changed.
Thought you grew up.
Remember how you said you love me?...But the truth is
you were always nothin'but a liar.
Now you'll burn by yourself...alone in your own fire.
Yes, Today's a New day and I am set free..because I went and cut you
out from the very heart of me.
Written by:) Reneelisa

Sunday, April 25, 2010


In Memory of
Christopher Waite
I remember..
The day when we first met
My parents house wasn't even built yet
I was just four and you were six
remembering how we
grew up together in the sticks
Playing hockey in the street
with all the boys
In front of the house we would meet
when I would get hurt you'd
pick me up,dust me off and get me back on my feet
Because of this I am so tough
because of you I don't ever give up
somehow you were always there
you were like a brother. I knew how much you cared
I remember there was this day On the bus
I started a paper the bus driver got
so mad..I had caused such a fuss
when people blamed me you took the heat
and I just stared at you in disbelief
always ready to have my back.
I remember nights spent laughing and sharing our dreams
while eating bowls of cookies & cream
eating popcorn while watching movies and
you tickling my feet til I said you were "The king"
those times with you were such a groovy thing
I remember the parties we went to
we were always there
when I would drink too much and throw up
you were the one holding my hair
I'll never forget and
Because of this I knew how much you really cared
I remember...
Days when you would pick me up in your car
riding around listening to Bob Seger,Steve Miller
and CCR you never left me stranded and with you
I always felt like a I mattered.
I remember times..
when I had hard days you would come lift me
up with just your presence and your smile
Yes..I know I had it good for a while
you would take care of me and I would take care of you
it was just something.. for each other we loved to do.
But as the story goes..
One day there came this terrible fate
The world lost a true gem..something so great
and I lost my best friend
Christopher Scott Waite
I'll never forget the day your life
came to an end.
that morning I shouted at the sky
I was angry with the sun for coming up and that
the wind still blew..I didn't understand why?
how could life go on .. time go by and not
stop for someone as good as you~

P.S.~ You'll always be missed. you'll never be forgotten
For those of us who knew you and the lives you
touched..In our hearts you'll always be loved so much
For we witnessed something so few ever get to see
such a big heart and the display of your generosity
you never judged or turned your back
you loved unconditionally
Because of this you'll be remembered for eternity

RIP~ Christopher Scott Waite
May 12,1968-July 5,1989
Written by...Reneelisa

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spirit of The Wolf

On an autumn night by the light of a full moon
we gather embracing hands in a sacred circle
around a warm crackling fire we stand together
in a clearing by the woods
through the brush we hear the sound of Matiki
Approaching our circle ever so slowly closer and closer
with trepidation..he approaches and walks on the outer edge of
our circle.
for the wolf has been hunted,slandered and forced from his land
by the work of our own hand.
Still in this moment around this fire and on this night
he offers us his uneasy trust,forgiveness
he offers us hope in our kind,he is the giver of peace,rebirth and light
He asks us to care for each other as we care for ourselves
to care for our future and it's children as the wolf pack cares
for the pack and it's children.
written by:) Reneelisa

Thursday, January 21, 2010


There was a time so long ago
when I kept my truth hid
so deep inside
I was nothing but a lonely child
the things I knew and what I felt
dealing with so many bad cards
that I'd been dealt..
somehow I'd do it all by myself
But you came along just singing your song
then I realized all this time
how much I'd been wrong.
I decided to let it all out
don't listen to fear and removed all my doubt
I began to see what it was all about.
Now I can be me and let others see
only then could I set my heart and soul free
makes me feel like a butterfly free to fly
as I spread my wings now I can sing
Yes.. my Life is such a beautiful thing

Written by:) Reneelisa


I believe in fairies that fly
I believe in leprechauns
I see life through a child's eyes
I believe in love at first sight
I believe that trust still exists
with all my might
I believe in God up above and
in all the things he made
he shows us unconditional love
I believe in Super Heroes and Fairy tales
I believe mankind can still prevail
I believe in me and all that I have inside
I believe in my naive innocence it's
something I just can't hide
I believe in you and your ability
I believe together people can move mountains
and make a miracles out of strife
I believe in having dreams and making
them come to life

Written By:) Reneelisa

Saturday, January 16, 2010


To be Happy is a choice
It comes from with in
It's not in the things
we have or in our circumstances
it's up to us to find the joy
in life
so don't take it for granted

How it is that you choose to see
is all it will ever be
make it a good day
put a smile on your face
and be happy for all
that comes your way
create what you want for you
believe in your heart that it's already true
our Happiness and what Happens in life is
always been up to me and you
Rejoice in the birds that sing
and the clear blue skies up above
the air that you breathe..all the little things
especially the ability to love
what will it be do you choose to see?
because it's always up to you and me.
It's our own responsibility.

Written By:) Reneelisa

Friday, November 20, 2009


Swirling black magic in a midnight sky
See her spread her majestic wings
As she ascends up above so high
Looking down and watching with a
Mother's caring eye so wise like a sage
Reaching out to save the world from
it's Impending rage
This is her true desire but somehow even so
off to her own Misadventures she must go
Fighting against her inner demons
this struggle she keeps silent and no one knows.
flying from one catastrophe to the next
learning as she goes
collecting knowledge for a world in need
For one day she'll come back to earth
give her message and sow a seed
A message of love,hope.. rebirth
Free the world of judgement and greed
heal the heart of mankind
for this love we will transcend
bring us back together and
embrace a world filled with peace instead

Written by:) Reneelisa